Our services include: development, production, installation and assistance

Electrical switchboards

The high reliability of our automatic machinery and special systems is the result of constant Research and Development on the interplay between mechanical technologies and electronic automation.
With over 40 years experience, COMAV supplies and installs electrical switchboards and integrated management systems, optimising and maximising machine reliability and performance within the production process.
An extremely important field is the study of the intrinsic safety of the proposed system, effectively eliminating risks to the operator through a carefully designed Safety Integrity Level (SIL) risk-reduction plan – the highest level of safety the market has to offer.
Each electrical circuit is tested and validated in accordance with the regulations in force, providing the client not only with a high-performance machine from a production perspective, but also the assurance of a design focusing on the operator’s safety.
We use “Modular-Design” software to respond to the requests of every single client, allowing us to implement or, if necessary, modify the functions of the machine at a later date.

Start-up and Training

Our technical assistance service is provided by a team of highly qualified staff, who are available to respond to the needs of our clients.
Regular training programmes are organised to provide an increasingly clear and thorough framework, a service that is highly appreciated by our clients.
As well as internal training, on start-up we provide companies with specific training in all key aspects of the use, functions and maintenance of the machine supplied.
Our technical assistance service can be contacted remotely to plan start-up, analyse the status of the machine, or simply to ask for advice on the maintenance of valves or any other parts.


Industry 4.0 means a model of production and company management in which all elements are connected through a series of complex physical and digital analysis systems which rely on the use of Big Data and real-time adjustments.
The data is gathered using integrated sensors installed on the various machines and systems, which send out information on the end process.
This “preventive maintenance” approach requires adequate monitoring of an enormous quantity of data.
COMAV has developed purpose-built software for both conventional and remote management, which analyses or exchanges horizontal and vertical data, providing a framework that allows for real-time monitoring of the company’s production line.
Our machines are equipped with interfaces ensuring constant, complete communication between people and machines, with each software package studied to suit the specific requirements of the client and their production cycle.
A complex ecosystem that will allow us to face the challenges of tomorrow, a world in which COMAV merges with the age of virtual automation.