Commissioned projects

COMAV is not just a reliable partner for the supply of different parts and automatic machines. We combine our in-depth knowledge of production processes with creation of special machines and solutions for handling raw materials in solid form, or in the form in which the products are received by our customers.

From here, over the years, we have gained the experience and knowledge to solve numerous problems with custom-built projects, scaled in response to the client’s specific requirements, combining integration of new, Industry 4.0 automated technologies with innovative mechanical elements.

Our Special Projects division includes Big Bag emptiers, Octabin tilters, bag emptying machines, automatic drum cutter machines and knife gate and rotary diverter valves, for key-in-hand systems that cover everything from conveying bags and tipping containers to palletising systems.
Please send us your enquiries and we will analyse the feasibility of your project.

Coffee and cocoa beans, sugar

Project specifications

Container tipper line with a semi-trailer for transporting coffee bags to the palletising line.

Special bag emptier for automatically emptying bags of coffee and cocoa beans and feeding into a silo with a bucket elevator

Double Container Tipper Station for sugar, for storage with mechanical transportation to Trevira silos and loading onto silo trucks.


Project specifications

Container tipper line with a semi-trailer for transporting coffee bags to the palletising line.

On special request of the client, the 60-metre line was fitted with a variety of special features: a loading point with a forklift bag loader; collection areas for coffee beans in the event of damage to the bags; sensors to detect damp or wet bags; off-line inspection areas, and much more.


Project specifications

The bag emptying line consists of an SVR 1300 DEPA ELITE bag emptier for 1800×1400 mm pallets, 60-70 Kg hessian bags, with a capacity of 900 bags per hour.

The key issue in the design of the project was loading the tanker truck with only the highest quality cocoa beans, while also removing any bag fibres during the emptying process.

Special sifters featuring enhanced calibration for handling residues are an integral part of the project’s technology, as well as a loader with a conveyor belt to the silo.

The line was fitted with a series of bag cleaning systems, magnetic traps and mouse traps, to improve the quality of the end product in the silo, including a Big Bag loader to collect discarded beans.

System automation permits complete interfacing of machine signals with 4.0 logic.